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Tennessee - Knoxville
Age: 2 yr
Sex: female
will be spayed prior to adoption


Reintroducing sweet Kyra. This beautiful and sorrowful eyed girl came in with three older beagles found running by a Good Samaritan. Never claimed at the shelter, they are by all appearances a hunter dump group where the person lost interest or ability to interact, hence the older beagles were more social and people connected. The three have found their forever homes but sweet Kyra was too emaciated to spay and needed extra time to settle.

Thankfully the Wanamaker family stepped up. She hasnít been completely easy. Kyra has been a bit iffy about the dad of the house (has warmed up) and is still unsure of the amazingly dedicated kids working to help her feel comfortable. They wonít give up on her and it shows. She does love all other friendly dogs she has met, has learned leash walking and going out on short hikes. She absolutely loves the mom in the house and is her shadow.

So Kyra is currently looking for a home near Knoxville to allow easy transition. We would consider shy dog experienced Nj chapter homes with no young kids, other friendly dogs and a safe/secure fenced yard.

Around 18 lbs now after a good diet.

Contact Beth of SOS Beagle Rescue email:

Tennessee - Knoxville
Colby Jax
Age: 2-3 yrs.
Sex: male



Colby came to us the beginning of November and promptly broke with a cough and thus ended up in quarantine. He is a sweet boy that isnít quite used to full on human handling (sometimes draws back or hangs back but maybe because foster Beth has had to do his shots and daily cough meds?) but loves human attention, a lap when I do sit down and craves it. He can be a bit of a loner with other dogs, especially when the youngsters push him to play, the group gangs up in his sunning area or they hover around his food when they finish first. He has had bouts of play in the last 48 hours after quarantine release so either he is feeling much better or just likes his down time to chill. Always happy to see me coming to get him for walks and outdoor time. He does well in his kennel and is clean in it. Barks at first.

He can be a bit of a drama king at pill time or shots so will be heartworm tested at his rescheduled neuter this week. His heartworm test was positive so he will only be available on a foster-to-adopt in the Knoxville area until he completes treatment. He was around children in his Good Samaritan home, 6 and 8 years old. They labeled him as easygoing, a bit fearful, friendly, gentle, timid and sensitive. Was around a doodle and cat at finders home. Walked on leash with kids.

Housetraining unknown, slept in kennel at night in finders care.
Around 2-3 years old, a bit thick at close to 29 lbs.

This beagle is sponsored by: Deborah Sosower, in honor of my beagle mentor, Fran Day

Contact Beth of SOS Beagle Rescue email:

Tennessee - Knoxville
Age: 5-6
Sex: female


Sweet ChaCha hasn't had the best life. You can tell by her physical shape that she was neglected. Not a lot of muscle, heartworm positive, very dry skin, poor teeth and sad general appearance. She is starting to heal on good food, attention and good vet care.

She will be heartworm treated after the new year and is seeking a foster or foster-to-adopt within 30 miles of Knoxville who is willing to transport to Knoxville for needed vet care and to hold her through her heartworm treatment. She is around 5-6 years old, recently had a dental and required a few teeth removed due to poor previous care.
She has a previous healed ear hematoma and a cyst removed. Around 25 lbs. she is clean in her crate, wants attention, a bit strong on the leash as she wants to do the beagle sniff.

Everything supplied for her foster treatment hold. Email Beth.

Contact Beth of SOS Beagle Rescue at 865-667-1990 text email:

Tennessee - Knoxville
Age: 1 - 3 yrs.
Sex: female


Sweet, reserved Piper.

Piper update 9/3. She is getting more comfortable and braver every day and loves this chair for her nap while I work. She is now leash trained and loves taking a walk with my dog. She is still shy around new people and Jon but I hope she will continue to trust people slowly but surely.

She still has a ways to go. Heading to Knoxville after 9/9 and will need a foster to help her grow after her Spay and medical updating.

Around 23 lbs.

Piper is not yet ready for transport to NJ -- only a local Knoxville foster-to-adopt home considered at this time

Piper is not yet ready for adoption, she will need a very specific experienced home that will continue her socialization needs. The foster is still working with her on her fear of new visitors, other dogs initially and men. She is not suitable for a child home, too overwhelming. We feel she needs more time to learn in her current foster. We will post when we feel applications can be accepted.

This beagle is sponsored by: The D'Elia Family in memory of Bailey & Squeaky

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